How many of us are bullied either personally or publicly when we speak out for lesbian human rights? It seems that any voice that does not agree with the current fashion is attacked and attempts are made to shame or bully them in to silence. The current fashion is to pretend that a sex change really changes someones sex. Well …… this kind of behaviour does not address the issues or the evidence Yep. Show me evidence rather than emotion.

The discussion does not progress past “sad person wants something enough to self mutilate”.  Doctors and lawyers agree as they get rich on the so called solution. Lesbians-born-female, raised-as-girls are attacked for saying this emperor has no clothes.

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  • Yes. I’ve had that experience too many times. The only place where I can find voices such as yours is on the internet.

    1 MarySunshine said this (January 20, 2011 at 10:57 am)

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