About Erinyes

Whilst Erinyes is an organisation that advocates for the rights of lesbians broadly including in the areas of rights in the workplace, health rights, education and so forth Erinyes believes that the issue of gender identity recognition is urgent and not only erodes lesbians rights but the rights of all women. Both the idea of gender, and any talk of gender identity, hide hatred of Lesbians and all women born and raised female.

Erinyes has grave concerns about the violation of the rights of women who are born and raised female in particular those who are Lesbians, that is posed by the proposed legislation. However all women-born–female, raised as girls, not only Lesbians, are affected by the proposed legislation. It is important to reflect on the fact that women-born–female, raised as girls are 50% of the Australian population.

Erinyes draws on instances in recent history where the rights of lesbian-born-female, raised as girls, have been transgressed or denied by male-to-constructed-female (MTCF) transgendered persons who have realised that they are still attracted to women after surgery and have then sought to take on lesbian identities. Whilst calling themselves lesbians these transgendered people seek to enter spaces and events that have specifically been designed to provide a forum for women-born-female, raised as girls to share their experiences of being a lesbian in a patriarchal world; experiences with which MTCF who have been born with male bodies and raised male cannot empathise. 

In addition we draw on instances where MTCF, whether or not they identify as lesbians, have sought to enter, as both workers and clients, women’s refuges against violence or specialised sexual assault services for women survivors. These places have been designated as ‘places of safety’ for traumatised women. Such spaces are also important to lesbians-born-female, raised as girls, as they too are victims of male violence. This issue of safe space equally applies to workers and clients in Women’s Health Services where women seek health treatment or advice from services that specialise in female bodies.

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  • Hi,
    Love the site and the pages and the info.

    Just mystified – what is the “Dashboard” all about and what is RSS?

    And when we click on a menu item, could the menu at the top indicate which page we are on. It’s hard to navigate at the moment. Easy to lose your place.

    1 SuziLez said this (April 24, 2011 at 6:47 pm)

    • This site is using opensource software and free templates. Once we sift through to find a template that is not to patriarchal we don’t have a lot of flexibility about how it functions. The page heading on the menu/tab-line is a different colour (subtle but it dies tell you what page you are on)

      The dashboard is how you manage your membership of this site.Most have the privileges to manage their own infomration, but when you are given the privileges – for example – to write your own articles and pages, then the dashbord lets you save as draft and re-edit etc.

      2 secret womens business said this (April 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm)

  • When the 1970 Women’s Liberation Movement started using the term “feminism” instead of “women’s liberation” the fix was in. Women’s Studies in universities became Gender Studies, which then became all about males and their ways of defining the world.

    It’s as if the english language has now become useless for females in trying to communicate with each other about what it means to be born female, and to live our (humanoid) lives in female bodies. Males now own *everything* we say to each other, more than ever before.

    We have to go through all these huge verbal gyrations with each other to get any sense of whether the presenting humanoid is actually *female*.

    What happens now?

    3 MarySunshine said this (January 20, 2011 at 11:13 am)